Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picot-Boo! A Cowl for the Cold and a video release

Picot edge detail is so pretty I wanted it for my new cowl made on the Martha Stewart Knitting Loom.  But I've never seen this bind off done except knitting needles.  There is a technique to cast on a picot edge but not to cast off or bind off.  SO after I discovered how to do it I wanted to show my friends, YOU, how to make your own.  Below you'll see the cowl I made and the YouTube video on how to make it yourself.  The video is long and the process does take a few extra minutes but it worth it for the end result.  So sit back and learn how to loom knit the Picot Edge Bind Off with me.

Mini Picot-Boo Cowl. Very warm, not airy. Great for outdoors & a hood. Not for fashion indoors unless you are always the cold one!
(Photo by Kristen Mangus of model Crystal Clark)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Uploaded My first Loom Pattern to ETSY and it SOLD the same day!

I'm super excited!  The new Slouchy Newsboy hat with the short brim is now on my ETSY site!  It will stay listed as one item but no worries there are plenty to go around.  I just re-list it when it sells.

I listed it in the wee hours this morning and already had the first purchase on it before lunch.  (update while writing this, I sold one more! yay!) I even emailed it out already, yay!  One thing I'm doing is including as many video technique links inside your PDF when you purchase. I hope that this helps and encourages more people to purchase my patterns. 

I would really love to make this a new career for me and be able to stay home with my children.  Selling the patterns enables me to keep my "extreme hobby" as Mikey, aka Michael Sellick at The Crochet Crowd, would tell me. It funds getting new yarn and supplies for filming, editing and producing. 

I do hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I do.  It is a super hat for a gift, too and just in time to make for the upcoming holidays! There is also a tweak included to make it less slouchy or more for a male to wear it.

Here is the pattern link! Happy Looming!! -Kristen

PATTERN Slouchy Newsboy Hat with Short Brim Visor ADULT

Monday, September 26, 2011

Review & Giveaway: My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software


UPDATE!! Our winner is.......
Brenda Rawlings!! Congratulations to Brenda! Thank you to everyone who
participated.  If you did not win and still would like the software, at a discounted rate, We have a COUPON CODE for you to get $10 off your order! The details will be below. We'll be having a loomy giveaway very soon so stay updated on our blog here... 
Happy Crafting everyone! -Kristen     
For the $10 discount please use code STMMMS30231 at checkout to save 25% off! This is for My Memories Suite v2 only. Click here and then ADD to Cart, add in your promo code and pick a log-in.  You software can be digitally downloaded or shipped.  Also they have lots of FREE papers and dollar papers or premium ones.  Have fun!! 


As a full time working mom of three, with my own passion in other crafts, its hard to make time to make a scrapbook let alone a photo album. I see scrapbooking moms who make FAB albums and I long to join the ranks. I've attempted to buy the expensive supplies and have boxes of memorabilia and photos in a "I'll do that one day" area of my home. Good intentions can make clutter! It seems so time consuming. I had this idea one day to just take digital photos of memoralibila and kids art so that one day I could make a digital album. I've now made a few digital albums which are nice but they don't express my crafty side. So I found a digital scrapbook software that let's me be really crafty but save money on all those supplies!! I love all the new papers but once it's cut you can't re-use it. I love pretty things but I also love to save money, don't you?!

My Memories Suite it turns out is really easy to use! I downloaded the software and got started. It literally took 2 minutes to make an album. I picked to make an album to autofill. Then selected the album theme. It showed me the page styles for the album and I could rearrange them or add pages. But if I have more pictures than would fit it will just add more for me, very cool! I picked my pictures and told it to go. It was super fast. The biggest part of your time is like a traditional album where you cherry pick your photos.  The trick is to start a new folder and put your best ones there, label it what you would title your own scrapbook album and then load into the software, easy peasy.

After that I took my time to move around a few items or switch a few pictures. Now I added my memory notes and captions. If i had questions the website actually has tons of VIDEO TUTORIALS, complete with a PDF that walks you through. WOW! I know many of you, like me, learn better visually. I would really recommend this software. There are so many more features that it does and I barely scratched the surface. My Memories Suite makes it easy to save the files to be printed by you or to a professional book. But what I LOVE is that I can save them as images and put in a movie file like I did below. 

PLEASE watch it for a special treat. If you regularly follow my blog you may remember our support of Avery and many ladies sent in knit or crocheted items. I've made a special album for you. Please watch and share this video. It not only showcases the quality of the My Memories Suite but your generosity in helping a very sweet baby to get the medical treatment she needed. 

So I'm very excited about digital albums to make of family memories and put them on DVD. This software will let you do that, too and also interactive albums. Be sure to check the other link below to see more. I will tell you that the software works on a Mac or PC. I am using mine on a Mac. A disclaimer. I did have some trouble on one feature but their trouble shooting team did respond quickly. It isn't a critical feature but it's to make the DVD. It did let me save the files to JPEG images and put into my movie program, which I preferred anyways. So this wasn't a big deal to me. The scrapbooking part is outstanding and easy with even options to tweak photos within the software!

Another cool feature that they have is you can download new "papers" anytime. There are several that are free and even more that are reasonably price. But they also have a low cost monthly service to get new designs to your inbox with a download code. It's called Design Club. I may do this feature soon because I get all the new stuff and I don't have to remember to do it. I don't know about you but reminders help me greatly! Oh yes and they also help you make photobooks, cards, calandars and gifts besides scrapbooks. 

I have a SUPER ANNOUNCEMENT to my loyal readers and followers. My Memories Suite, the #1 rated digital scrapbooking software from Amazon and Top Ten Reviews,  is working with me to not only give you a $10 COUPON on their software but they will be giving away a software package to one of my readers!! Cool, huh?!

I hope you are excited like me to start getting all those pictures into working albums. It's perfect for the holidays for gifts and memories. Actually I'll also be making an album out of knit items that I've sold or given to people to remember things I've made or document a special story with them, too!

To participate in the GIVEAWAY please check out the rules below for more chances to win. To enter all you need to do is go to the MyMemories Suite site and pick your favorite paper and come back here and comment. Please make sure you comment with a real working email address as this is how you will be notified of your winning! The promotion ends in two weeks on October 10th, 2011 at 11:59:59pm Central Standard time. Until then enter for as many chances as you like shown below.  I will hold the drawing within one week by midnight on October 17th and the winner will be contacted by email.

For the $10 discount please use code STMMMS30231 at checkout to save 25% off! This is for My Memories Suite v2 only.

Now for the GIVEAWAY FRENZY!!!!
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We, GoodKnitKisses acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Blogger.

This contest is open to US and Canadian* residents only as this promotion is sponsored by the My Memories Suite company for a digital download of the program or it to be shipped to you.  However if our international followers would like to participate you may still win only a digital software download.  Please note that the software support is for an English language only.

*(For our international followers: You may still use the Digital Coupon for the software.  GoodKnitKisses would personally like you to participate should you wish.  In the case that an international follower wins, digital downloadable file is our only form of delivery. Thank you for your understanding.)*

***Announcement! Part of any software purchase made with the above MyMemories Suite v2 Software COUPON code and marked to go to GoodKnitKisses.  GoodKnitKisses in return will be donating that money to the charity of our choice.  As of 09/26/2011 funds will go to Autism Speaks!  So the purchase you make will go toward helping a child, person or family with Autism and raising awareness. For more information on Autism Speaks or on Autism itself please visit

Friday, September 16, 2011

Featured on FaveCraftsBlog in Meet & Make: Kristen Mangus

GoodKnitKisses excited to announce I'm being featured today in FaveCraftsBlog "Meet and Make".  This is a blog on Fridays that features a designer.  You learn 10 or so random facts about them and then get a FREE pattern or tutorial.  Today features my Granny Round.  BUT I have stepped it up and single crocheted the loom knit circles together to show you what a blanket would look like.  I love it!  I hope you do as well.  They have also included the video tutorial to make it super easy. Here is the link.   

I do have an exciting announcement!  GoodKnitKisses will be featuring a GIVEAWAY!! This will be in the next two weeks so keep your eyes peeled.  (Disclaimer - due to the vendor the prize will only be available to US and Canadian residents.  If our international friends want to participate I will give you a special prize.  I don't want to leave anyone out!)

Stay tuned.Happy Looming and Crafting everyone! P.S. Scroll below for more pictures of the blanket not on the FaveCraftsBlog and a video tutorial again.


To see the granny round video visit ----> or click the video below.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Loom Knit: Earflaps

Kristen talks you through making earflaps on the 24 peg KK or Knifty Knitter Loom. This is not a step by step shown tutorial. Please read instructions carefully and watch the video to see the result.

Using Super Bulky 6 Lion Brand Hometown USA, she starts with a two peg icord to 12". Increase by two on left and right sides on a purl row. End all purl rows with last stitch in ewrap or EW. Add an EW row. Then purl 1 row and EW another row. Now increase by two on either side on the purl row. You'll be making a triangle. Increase on every other purl row till you get 8 pegs with loops (the first stitch is always slipped or SS). Cut off your tail after 7 garter rows and add earflap on other side. When done start your baby hat. After casting off add pom pins to ends and weave in 1 earflap tail to inside of a garter ridge row.

Have fun and Happy Looming!! -Kristen

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loom Knit K2tog YO or Knit 2 together Yarn Over

Recently a few people asked me how to loom knit the K2tog YO.  I'll have to come back and add a video when I can but for now here are written instructions HOW TO:

Ok lets visualize this.  If I am working a flat panel lets call my 1st peg, that has a Slip Stitch, our official Peg 1. The next peg (Peg 2) the pattern calls to k2tog. Take the loop off of Peg 3 and place on peg 2. Now Knit that stitch with both loops at the same time.  Do NOT simply Knit Off by lifting bottom over top!!  I mean lay your working yarn on top and create a knit stitch.  

You can do the classic knit stitch or the U knit (just a loose version of the flat) to have the same stitch look. Peg 3 will be empty so you will e-wrap it around once, with your working yarn, which makes the YO or Yarn Over.

Now continue down the row starting with peg 4 with the next stitch.

I hope that helps a bit.  Happy Looming!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Patterns coming to Etsy or my website

I'd really like to start selling some patterns online.  My problem is my business is super new.  I haven't checked on selling digital materials and really need a fellow Texan online crafter's help on the rules.  Anyone out there know what to do? Also I'd love to find out if I should sell them on my Etsy site or Ravelry or even my own site.  I'm not quote sure.  Fellow crafters that read my blog: Could you please chime in for some help...or supportive encouragement if you;d like to see me sell some patterns.  Selling the patterns would be nice bacsue it would help me buy supplies and equipment I need to make the FREE videos that I already do.  Thank you so much fellow crafters and knitters!  Happy Crafting! -Kristen

A Pound a Gulp Day 27

Well I'm getting better at getting back to 3 drinks a day.  Sometimes in the evening I'm having a small dinner but I keep slipping.  Boy am I ready for our schedules to get back to less birthdays and tempting cake & cookouts!  We have one more cookout/birthday tomorrow to attend and then our youngest child's official 1st birthday party.

I was low on groceries so we had a very late night shopping trip and then I juiced into the wee hours getting the next two days of juices ready.  Here is the yummy recipe I made, it yeilds about 2 - 16oz cups worth, I doubled this and also made a more breakfasty one:

 Sunset Twist:
1 large sweet potato
3 large carrots
1 red bell pepper cored
2 golden delicious apples
1 peeled orange

*all organic except the orange

I'm glad I made them last night because I really don't feel like preparing anything right now.  Its was 105 on my way home in Texas. I think I need a big bowl of ice cream...oh about a bowl of fresh cherries?!  Yum, now that is a better choice!  Take care and Happy Juicing! -Kristen

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Pound a Gulp: Juicing slacker Day 23 Update

Hi everyone!  I have been such a slacker on the blogging and on the juicing, too.  Since I last wrote we have had two birthday girls and their double party.  We also had another friend's birthday party this past weekend.  This coming Friday is my son's birthday and we have a party on Saturday to attend and then his on Sunday.  It is quite a whirlwind and then our oldest starts Kindergarten a week from today.  whew!  It is no excuse but only to say that this chocoholic woman CAVED!! ha-ha!  Hey well I've got to pick myself back up and start where I am.  Here is my video log.  I also show off the juicer I ended up with.  I bought a Breville Juice Fountain 900 watts.  The first one I got actually stopped working after 2 juices.  The store switched it out for a new one.  Apparently it is a known problem.  However I haven't had any trouble with my new juicer.  And now for the video!  Thanks and Happy Juicing!! -Kristen


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Pound a Gulp: Day 11 still going!

It's day 11 & still going strong! I weighed myself this morning and I've lost a total of 17.5 lbs. So 10 days was 17.5 pounds, wow! I've decided to continue.  I haven't bought my juicer yet because I'm still deciding which one but it will need to be very soon.  Straining food is tiring & it shouldn't take this long to make a meal that is just a drink.

It's just a short post for the day folks but I'll catch you up in a few days.  It really does get easier and easier.  I've got more energy now, I feel "normal" again and my perspective on food is changing.  Last night I had major cravings for pizza or ice cream or even just for some string cheese.  Instead when I opened the fridge I saw my organic cherries waiting sweetly for me to spot them.  I grabbed a handful and some coconut water.  It really hit the spot.  My brain still lingered a bit of wanting dairy but my body actually helped me out this time.  Sometimes you have to have a mind over your own mind!  Sounds funny but TRUE!  Hmm. Could this be that will power thing I've heard of before?

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Pound a Gulp: Day 9 Weekend Recap & Favorite Recipes

So far I've lost 16 pounds! So last you heard from me I was going to start straining and see what happened Saturday as far as weight loss.  Well I have to say that I was discouraged Saturday (Day 7).  I got on the scale and GAINED a 1/2 pound.  I was discouraged and my sister encouraged me to keep going.  I was doing great and it will balance out very soon.

Saturday I went to the grocery store and got more produce. Taking along my juice recipes that I got on I bought things for about 4 recipes and some of my own.  I had to get milk, bread & cereal for the kids but produce filled my cart, granted it was small being that the cart was one shaped like a car since my kiddo was "driving" it.  The young check out girl asked, "What's with all the produce?!"  I was a little shocked at first but then I chuckled at myself.  I'm not a big produce buyer normally but I thought...don't people buy produce normally?  Ha-ha! Probably not as much as I just did. Using the opportunity I told her I was juicing raw fruits and veggies and has lost 12 lbs since last Sunday.  She was shocked of course ask asked me more and wanted to know if it was a detox.  I explained it is a detox in the beginning and also used for weight-loss and getting healthy. Many keep juicing one meal a day, like breakfast to stay healthy.  I have a couple of friends that they do that and now forgo health insurance since they never have to see a doctor!  The film (Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead) I explained, shows you mostly what I'm doing an she said she'll watch and try it too for detox!  This girl looked great to me.  She was probably 21 or 22 and looked slim.  Size doesn't equate healthy though.  You can be a skinny chain-smoker, drinker & eat terrible things but have such a metabolism that you can't tell what is happening to your body on the inside.   My size was my warning but what about those other people that find themselves diagnosed with something terrible and they didn't "see" the signs?  This is about my health overall.  Yes I would like to look & feel good about myself but I want to be there for my husband and kids! I did want to say before the store trip we went to a fundraising event around lunch time for baby Avery.  I did cheat with a pinch of a cookie and a few fresh fruits. All in all I did really well with the crazy temptations all around me.

Sunday I woke up and weighed.  15 pounds lost so far! Wooo-hooo!!!  Thanks sis for encouraging me!  I gulped my new favorite morning drink and headed to church. (The recipe will be posted at the end). I also had found the day before something called Green Machine from Naked Juice.  They had a bunch of other Naked juice blends of fruit but this one had vegetables, too.  Knowing we were going to venture out after I packed us both that juice in a thermal bag. We ended up at my parents for a very healthy lunch and I ended up actually eating some solid food.  I had about a 2"x2" square of roast chicken and 3 small broccoli florets.  I still had my Naked Juice but it was really super sweet so I went ahead and some something.  My oldest decided she wanted to make a pie with my mom for her grandfather.  We ended up taking to her great grandfather's house and I caved again.  I had 2 bites of very delicious lemon meringue pie!! I did stop myself but for dinner I ended up eating about a dozen strawberries and water. I'm not sure if I'll regret it but my portions were incredibly small.  I was shocked at the will power I had shown.  I could have just caved and eaten way more.  Even with the healthy items it was shocking I didn't eat more. Before bed I made two more juices.  Straining was a real pain and I'm MUST get a real juicer soon.  I was so tired from the ordeal I went to be at 8pm.  That is not like me as I stay up till midnight most night...or later!

Monday (Day 9): I lost one more pound!  I drank my juice for the morning and packed my lunch juice.  I LOVE this new recipe!  I can actually say this one is tasty. I'm feeling pretty good and, if I can get a juicer soon, I think I can take this to 15 days.  This weekend is both of my daughters double birthday pool party and I'm not sure what I'll do quite yet.  I really want to partake and enjoy in the food or at least the cake.  I do know that I can bring a cooler so I have no excuse.  Give me your vote below...I truly would like to stay on the juice but I'm thinking a tiny piece of cake would be okay or even a veggie pizza.  The pizza may be overboard...

Thanks for tuning in! -Kristen

Here are my favorite recipes for those who have asked.  I'll post more as I discover them.

Kristen's Cantaloupe
1/2 cantaloupe
1 peeled cucumber
a fist of spinach
Add 1 1/2C of water (ice optional) if blending.  You cannot taste the spinach at all! (I substituted with Honeydew and it was okay but I like the taste of the Cantaloupe better)

Lunch or Dinner: (has a bit of sweet to it. This is 1 beet less than the RebootYourLife recipe)
Sunset Blend Juice
1 large sweet potato (I peeled mine)
1 medium carrot (I used a large juicing size)
1 Red Bell Pepper (cored)
1 Beet
2 Golden Delicious Apples (I used Granny Smith)
1 Orange (peeled; optional but I used it)
Add 1 - 1 1/2Cup of water if blending and strain

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Pound a Gulp: Day 6

It's Day 6 today officially but lets back up 1 day. 

Day 5: Thursday.  Feeling good! I'm feeling better every day compared to that first horrible day.  .5 lbs weight loss but feeling good and rested. I asked my co-worker what she thought I was like.  (I had heard that people are really irritable or not so great mood the first 3-4 days).  She said I seemed like I was dragging before and actually kind of sad.  That seems to sum it up for me.  I couldn't pinpoint how I had been feeling at that time.  It was like everything was foggy and dull to me.  I think I did mourn the loss of food.  It's funny but I wanted to chomp on something but a really good fruit would be just as amazing as a brownie right now and that is not normal for me! It's like my brain is re-training how I think because this process is so dramatically different.  I gotta say though that I did find it hard to focus all week at work.  I was forgetful and unmotivated.  I felt all my motivation was the juice and that's all I could talk about!

Yesterday was much better but I was feeling pretty full.  I mean to say I felt good with not being hungry BUT my body said I was getting constipated.  Its the blender!  I'm drinking too much fiber.  Whereas the juicer spits out the pulp, I had been ingesting it.  I decided to follow my sister's advice and strain my juice last night.  The kitchen and I became better acquainted when the kids went to bed.  We didn't have a strainer but I found an alternate.

Straining blended food: Using a metal steaming basket (the cheap kind found at the grocery store in kitchen supplies) and putting on a very large pitcher in the sink, I set to work. I scooped out large serving size spoonfuls at a time and slopped them on the basket.  The tricked worked but was a constant mess on the basket.  After pressing in a bit to get the juice out of it I then chucked it in a large glass nearby. I experimented with a 1/2 recipe of "Mean Green" recipe that I hadn't tried yet.  It looked like I would normally get 2 servings. By the time I finished measuring the liquid it yielded 16 oz! This was much easier to drink and I gulped don an easy 8 oz but still felt too full for a total of 16oz. The fact that I had been drinking the left over pulp was telling my brain to stop.  I was full and it made me sick to think about it.  I started thinking that I had 4 days of this still in my system. No wonder I was low on weight-loss and felt super full!! So I spend the evening straining the drink already in the fridge and then the ones I made that night.  A regular juicer is now on my wish list.  Until Mr. Budget says so we'll be straining. I mixed up a drink last night before bed of a 1/2 cantaloupe and 1/2 pineapple.  I figured pineapple was a diuretic so it should help me. Sorry everyone, TMI but hey you wanted to know how this diet is if you are still reading! Since it was now hours (seriously) later I drank 16 oz of the fruity juice and crashed.

Day 6: I woke up this morning feeling grand and saw I'm at a 12.5 lb loss!  Okay so 1 pound is better than none.  Maybe the 8oz of strained Mean Green was the trick! I gulped down more of my fruity drink and packed my drink for the lunch.  The day is not over yet but the one drink last night & lunch, coupled with the two pineapple cantaloupe drinks, have been working. I'm looking forward to seeing the scales in the morning.

My first goal is to make it to 10 days. Based on what happens this weekend I may go for 15 days or longer but I'll definitely have to get a juicer.

Here is the Mean Green recipe version I did.  This is half the normal recipe and extra lemon. Next time I'll try lime:
1/2 bunch of kale
2-3 stalks of celery
1/2 cucumber
1 granny smith apple
1 lemon (peeled leaving some white)
ginger root (fingertip size, not thumb)

Thanks for tuning in.  JUICE ON!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Pound a Gulp: Day Four the Gritty Details

So this juicing raw fruits and veggies is getting better. First things first.  My weight loss total is 11 1/2 pounds!  So I'm at 346.5 now. I've met online a few new Facebook friends that are doing the same thing and it's very encouraging.  I met them on the Facebook page for Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  Let me tell you that is the most encouraging page with helpful people I have come across.  Aside from a few of my favorite crafting FB pages it's number one for helpful and encouraging CONSTANT postings and replies to postings!  Well hey, there are over 33,826 people on it!  (as of this posting)

So what exactly am I using to juice? I use a HealthMaster which is like a VitaMix.  It is more like a blender than a juicer.  A traditional juicer spits out the juice on one side and the pulp on another.  I am getting all of the fiber I put in there this way and its a very easy clean up.  My sister started the same day I did and so we talk about her regular juicer (Brand: Champion).  She has told me it's quite a mess and some things can clog the pulp side up. She has to place a bowl to the side where the juice comes out which can be messy if not done well.  I'm finding that my blender needs to have the items cut smaller.  I was trying carrots just cut in half but will be cutting unto 4 pieces instead.  I did have an issue Monday night (day 2) with it overheating and it took me an hour to juice!  I was so hungry I cheated.

I "cheat" with a piece of fruit.  A peach does it for me or grapes and then a full glass of water.  I figure its not really cheating if I would have juiced it.  I may try carrots for something substantial if needed but I haven't had to do that yet. This is in between juicing.  I don't usually get the craving while at work.  It's more when I get home and I'm making dinner for the kids.  I know I could drink juice while I work in the kitchen but I'd rather sit down with it since I'm still having to have a water chaser with every sip!

What does my day look like? I start off with a juice blend of fruits.  Last night my sister told me a fist of spinach you cannot taste in a fruit juice...or at least the one she tried. I'm going to juice that recipe soon and try it out.  If I like it I'll try that one to get more nutrients.  I think we have programmed our minds for so long that veggies are for later in the day that we can't eat them earlier in the morning unless stuffed in a quiche or omelet.  I'm an egg fan so a nice omelet with spinach and mushrooms is appealing to me.  I just don't think I could handle mentally a veggie taste in the morning. Lunch & Dinner are a veggie concoction.  So far I'm made a beet mix drink that was terrible because it was too fibrous.  You had to chew part of it and that was on day one!  YUCK!  I almost killed the program for my husband with that.  I added another apple, carrot, some agave syrup (a naturally sweet extract, a lot like honey in the look & consistency), and more water & ice.  Blended that up till it was totally liquified was the key!  The mix also had kale in it, which is rich in nutrients including protein but it can be pretty fibrous.

Last night and today at lunch I drank a mix of 5 carrots, 1 cucumber, 4 leaves of cabbage, 3 large broccoli florets, 1/2 lemon, water & ice. I ended up adding in more agave as well & I think I added a kiwi.  When I make a juice it makes well over 70 oz so I'm able to share it with my husband and have it the next day, too.  It's great so I'm preparing 2-3 juices at a time and just juice every other night.  This gives me freedom to have a small variety and not have to juice every meal.

My favorite recipe so far was this morning.  I had 5 peeled oranges, 1 kiwi, 2 bananas, 3 handfuls of berries (blackberry, blueberry & raspberry), 1 1/2 C of ice & 1 1/2 C of water.  My blender shows it gets 70 oz but it will hold more.  I got 80 ounces out of that which filled my 16 oz cup & 64 oz pitcher! I love having a blender now that I'm understanding how to use it better.  I think I'm getting more nutrients and more for my money.  Factor in eating organic fruits and it really helps!

So how did I feel in the beginning versus now?
Day 1: Sunday I felt like crap and I waited WAY too long to make lunch.  We were out of the house and driving around. We wanted to stop at a juice place but Jamba Juice and Smoothie King only had fruit juices.  I was still learning at the time but I know that would be way too much sugar for our system.  We needed vegetables in the worst way.  Then I made the infamous terrible beet juice! That's another tale...So after we downed this nasty drink I made a "treat" to make up for it which was only 5 oranges, a banana, water & ice.  I think I won some points for the apology drink to my husband!  By the time we went to bed we were irritated at each other and worn out! (Hunger headache periodically)

Day 2: Monday I dreamed all night about juicing and was completely stressed in my dreams. I wake up to weigh-in and found I had lost 4 lbs!  That was so encouraging!!  My day continued and I felt more of the crap from yesterday.  The crap I refer to is the toxins apparently leaving my body more in a sweat form.  Randomly I would get super hot and start sweating. I do live in Texas where the heat is getting to 104 but this was different.  I wasn't having potty visits like my hubby (sorry!).  This is about to be too much info I know but I did say Gritty Details: I attribute not experiencing that to my having my gall bladder out 8 years ago.  Ever since then it has been an issue.  I was worried it would be worsened but it hasn't. As we say in our house of kids it was just a lot of #1! Ha! (Hunger headache periodically)

Day 3: Tuesday Still having the sweats.  I didn't get much sleep the night before. Now I was running late and didn't weigh in. I managed to get to bed about 30 minutes early. (Hunger headache periodically)

Day 4: Wednesday.  It's today.  I'm feeling better and better as the day goes on.  The sweats are less and I can see the bright end of the tunnel! I mentioned to co-workers that I think I need a Before picture soon before it's After! So I need to get those done tonight. So far no headache today, yay!

My initial goal is to do this for 10 days and see where I am and how I feel.  If I can make it to 30 days I may do that.  The past 2 years I have sang the National Anthem at the Ballpark in Arlington for "Walk Now for Autism Speaks!". It's in November at a different location this year.  I'd like nothing better than to get up there and sing and have them not recognize me!!

I'd love to hear back from you in the comments below! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"It's a Good Thing" think about

She can be unrealistic & unreal in so many ways BUT she is a savvy business woman who knows how to hire creative people.  FaveCrafts had a topic today: What do you think of Martha Stewart?

That got me thinking when reading other people's comments. Several comments! Many people were either loving or bashing her.  Many were downright accusing her.  I do not know Ms Stewart.  No, I don't buy everything she does, nor do I condone what she was imprisoned for many years ago. BUT...

 .. Again, she is a savvy business woman, she is tenacious.

 When you buy her things or buy into "her idea" I do think its unrealistic for people to get upset that she doesn't give people credit and take the idea as her own since she is a BRAND.  That is essentially what a brand is.  It's a conglomerate of many different people, departments and facilities coming together to have one face.  The face of her company happens to be her name.  She has her faults, as we all do, but cut the lady some slack.  She is a knockout entrepreneur who weighs in with the big boys!  Come on ladies...let's support women in business!  

 By the way, her price point may not be at the level you like but we constantly undersell ourselves!  We try to get everything cheap like when we export but then complain that the economy is bad with no jobs. I'm not trying to simply defend Martha Stewart.  I'm not a raging fan.  Forget what you know or have been told about her attitude or drive.  I just respect what she has built and choose to look at the things she makes and think about how fascinating and creative the people are who work for her company.  So when you see the Martha Stewart label, smile and think about the people feverishly creating so many new things behind the scenes.  They get to have a job where they get to create and celebrate creativity with excellence.  Maybe not every project is super simple, maybe some are too simple but there is a mass audience here with many skill and preference levels.  A CEO can't sit around creating all day AND run a company.  ...and my two cents!

©2011 GoodKnit Kisses

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Pound a Gulp

This is not the norm for my blog.  The usual is crafting or loom knitting talk and tutorials. I've debated on how much to blog about personally.  Do I get a separate blog or do I put my personal self out there on this site?  Well today I will. I STARTED JUICING!

Yes.  I started to juice yesterday.  That is taking raw fruits and vegetables and turning them into juice.  The thought has always grossed me out.  I mean "gag me with a spoon!" Seriously I am doing this.  Why?!!  Kristen, Why?! 

Many of you don't know me in person but I am overweight. I don't mean I am a little heavy or very heavy.  I am extremely heavy and hesitate to say it but I fall in that scary morbid O class word!!! Morbid Obesity.  I said it.  That term just sounds scary.  It should sound scary because it is.  If you looked at me in person today you would see a very tall (6'-1") lady.  I stand so tall and am more of an hourglass proportionate type that you would not know I weigh 358 pounds.  I'm not sure what people think but I would guess it looks more like 250-275 maybe.  I'm not sure.  I'll put it this way, when I was in high school and early college I plus size modeled and I think I weighed about 180. I probably looked like a size 12-14 but I'm so tall I wore 16-18. I'd love to get back down to that size.

Fast Forward.  I was inspired. I turned on my Netflix on my Handy Apple TV and picked a movie to work on my afghan is was loom knitting (on my Infinity II for you loomers). I had heard this documentary was a must see so I watched.  It is called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Watch the trailer.  Watch the movie.  The movie takes on a whole new feel later when he meets a truck driver who ends up losing over 200 lbs on this.  wow. So by the time the movie credits rolled I was out of my chair dancing to the theme song as the credits rolled! I had my husband watch it the next night and we paused the movie so many times because he got excited and started commenting.  Ha-Ha!  Then, it hit a spot with the truck driver said something that really made him think.  It hit home and he was hooked.

We started our juice journey yesterday Sunday July 24th, 2011. Our goal is 10 days.  It is supposed to be the hardest till day 4 or 5.  Today is Day 2 and I've already lost 4 pounds!  It is super hard and getting through a meal can be tedious.  I'm "chasing" the drink sometimes with water and it must be through a straw.  But I told my husband, "just think of it as every sip you take is a pound lost!"  That's my motto now. A Pound a Gulp!

More on details later but I really wanted to share with you as I begin my journey.  I don't know how far I'll go but I know I must try. I need to do it for my kids and my husband but also for myself. I need encouragement and support.  Please feel free to encourage me or comment. 

bye for now!

P.S. Please know that the plan I am going by for the moment is this one.  My apologies in advance but I'm not interested in what worked for you or someone else at this time. I have planned my meals already and invested in purchases.  Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gift baskets ready for Avery's Auction Benefit!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who donated knit and crochet items to help raise money for baby Avery! The baskets are ready to be delivered. I'm including photos all 8 baskets! After the items meant just for Avery we still had plenty to make several baskets. Avery's middle name is Love. I found these little wooden and paper Love accessories to put in the baskets. I found them at Goodwill. How appropriate! Your generosity and good will has provided some beautiful and heartfelt items that we hope to raise money in the silent auction. I think the smaller baskets are going to do better than one large one since it would be harder to auction a substantial basket like that...unless a store owner were present! Ha! I hope you like how I packaged them. I didn't want to be fussy or put all in plastic so people could touch and feel the quality. The event will be on July 30th at Texas Motor Speedway if anyone is near enough to come. If you would still like to help, please consider donating as little as a dollar on PayPal. The website is
Thank you again everyone, please scroll down to see pictures of the baskets.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My first radio interview - FaveCrafts with Pat Sloan

Listen to internet radio with FaveCrafts on Blog Talk Radio

Today I interviewed with Pat Sloan of FaveCrafts Radio.  She had five guests on and I was number three. Pat’s FaveCrafts Radio is a once a month Live online radio broadcast and then an archived podcast online.  Pat Sloan has amazing craft designers, teachers, celebrities and fun people on the show as well as being a super fun & talented Quilter herself!  It was a pleasure and privilege to be on the show and I had a blast!  I sure hope Pat has me on again, she is so fun to talk to and I’m sure we could gab on and on.  Listen to the podcast interview above by pushing the icon to play (the right arrow classic “play” button).  You can click and drag the minute over to 22:00 minutes and hear the end of Michael Sellick, of The Crochet Crowd & The Crafting Crowd, right before.  He gives a shout out to me and updates everyone on some exciting news I found out TODAY!...or if you wanna get right to it go to minute 23:50.  Have fun!  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Facebook site to keep up on new videos coming up and a place to share your own crafts with the GoodKnit Kisses Krowd!  Happy Crafting & Looming!! -Kristen

Facebook FAN site

Hey ya'll!  I made a page on my site just for the radio interview so you can find it again, LOL!

©2011 GoodKnit Kisses

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Loom Knit: Round Super Scrubby - Large and in charge of your Bath or Shower

IDEA! Make a SUPER SCRUBBER or Scrubby! Use my granny round tutorial, add tulle ribbon and have a larger scrubber for your bath or shower! 

Don't make a wimpy wedge or small round...for larger gals like me I say have a larger scrubby for  larger luxurious legs like mine! :-) Hahaha!  Have fun!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pattern and Video Tutorial: Loom Knit Mesh Bag

Loom Knit Mesh Bag by Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses

41 peg (or new 40 peg in pink) Knifty Knitter Extra Large Round Loom - Yellow

3 pegs of Spool Loom

Skill Level: Beginner, level up

Uses: Personal size Mesh bag for the beach or shopping.  Fits 6 foot rolled up towel, swimsuit, sandals, water & sunscreen.

Yarn:   1 ball nylon crochet thread 90-100 yards

            1 ball cotton 90-100 yards

*or 2 balls of cotton

(Watch for video tutorials on this bag design)

Abbreviations:             EW = E-wrap                         P = Purl

Flat Panel-
1.     Using both strands of yarn E-wrap Cast on 14 stitches to round 41 peg Knifty Knitter loom (or new 40 peg loom). Counter-clockwise to the starter peg, work as a flat panel in ew 30 rows making sure your working yarn is back to the starter peg for the next row.

Building Base bag –
2.     Leaving the panel on the loom, stretch the panel across the loom to the opposite side and place on pegs across. Now take the side stitches and place 2 stitch loops at a time on adjacent pegs to stretch flat panel to fit on all pegs of the loom. Make sure to pick up ALL side stitches so your bag will not have an open hole. This is the bottom base of the bag. Wrap all pegs ew in a full circle and knit over leaving only 1 set of two strands (the two color choices). For example the side stitches had 3 sets of two before knitting over.

Main body of the Bag –
3.     P 1 row.
4.     EW 1 row.
5.     P 1 row.
6.     EW 8 rows.
7.     P 1 row.
8.     EW 5 rows.
9.     P 1 row.
10. EW 5 rows.
11. P 1 row.
12. EW 5 rows.
13. P 1 row.
14. EW 2 rows.
15. Basic bind off loosely as to not over tighten opening of bag.

Handle for mesh Bag –
Spool loom. 2 strands 1.5 times diameter of yellow loom or 52.5-54.5" long depending on material.

Weave the icord into the top of the bag between the knit stitch columns. Row to start the weaving. Look at the top of the bag. Weave between the two top purl rows. I started mine just above the bottom purl row (it's the 2nd to last purl row you completed). Connect the ends by tying together and weaving in the rest. Feed access handle material equally on opposite sides to pull outward, making it look like two handles. See picture. Pull both handles to drawstring close and look like a purse or pull all of one handle to make as a shoulder strap! Weave in all loose strands.

©2011 GoodKnit Kisses

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pattern: Loom Knit Granny Round

Hello friends! Are you ready to make a Granny Round?!

I'll be making a tutorial on this later but...
If you'd like to try the project here is the pattern

Granny Round by Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses
For Green Round loom or Knifty Knitter 36 peg
Skill Level: Beginner, level up

Uses: Stitch circles together for a funky blanket, use as a base to a cylinder bag, large coaster for large mugs or small plant or a potholder. Many uses! MAKES 1 Solid Circle 6 ½” wide in 3 strands #4 Medium Worsted

You will need:
*3 balls of color (any) med worsted weight if using for potholder use cotton (great for scrap yarn!) OR 1 strand of Super Bulky #6 yarn.
*loom knitting hook
*crochet hook (J or K)
*round 36 peg loom (I used the Knifty Knitter or KK in green for adults)

We will use the E-wrap or Twisted Knit Stitch (also called TBL through the back loop) for all stitches plus 1 row of purl. Feel free to change the stitches and make it your own. I’m keeping it basic but adding the banding for fun and non-curl.
SPECIAL NOTE: Keep your stitches loose.  When wrapping before decrease be loose with your stitches especially if using more than one strand, as it can become to tight to pick off the peg and move.

(Watch for video tutorials on this circle design)

Abbreviations: KO = Knit off EW = E-wrap P = Purl

1. Cast on to KK with all 3 strands in the E-wrap method or crochet cast on. Place your slipknot on peg 1 and let the tail fall inside the loom. (Weave this in last to edge of circle. Cast on wraps all pegs one time all the way around the loom and then wrap around again. Knit off (KO) which is lifting the bottom 3 loops over the top 3 loops (the 3 strands together at one time over the newly wrapped 3 together or 1 over 1 if using the super bulky yarn). Your cast on row is round 1 or row 1.

2. Row 2: P
3. Rows 3-5: EW

4. We are going to divide our loom visually into 6 sections (6 pegs in each section for a 36 peg loom). In round 1 of this section we will move the 2nd peg loop over to the 1st peg. Do not KO at this time. Move to the next section and do this again. Repeat 5 more times. Now KO. Wrap all remaining pegs again & KO. This completes hat Row 6. (You should have 30 pegs remaining).
5. Now take peg 4 over to peg 3 and wait to KO. Repeat for all sections. KO all 6 pegs. Wrap all remaining pegs & KO. This complete Row 7. (You should have 24 pegs remaining).
6. Now take peg 6 over to peg 5 and wait to KO. Repeat for all sections. KO all 6 pegs. Wrap all remaining pegs & KO. This complete Row 8. (You should have 18 pegs remaining).
7. CAST OFF with draw string method. I don’t use a tapestry needle here but you can. Leave the balls of yarn attached & wrap the loom 2 times all the way around. Cut off the strands from the balls of yarn.
8. Start to the left of the peg where the working yarn is coming out of; Leaving the yarn attached take your working yarn under the loop on the peg & with your loom tool reach under the loop & scoop out the working yarns (like a purl) continue pulling all the extra yarn through the loop. LEAVE the loop on the peg. WEAVING IN THE LOOSE YARNS TO MAKE A DRAWSTRING.
9. Move to the next loop to the left and pull the working yarns through again and leave loop on the peg. Continue until ALL pegs have the working strands woven through, including the beginning loom the strands came out of.
10. Take all loops off of the loom & pull the drawstring. Feed the extra through the top & turn your circle upside down. Using a crochet hook loop the extra through a few spots tying off to secure. Weave the excess.
11. Weave in all loose strands from end (or any color changes made).

©2011 GoodKnit Kisses.

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