Friday, November 9, 2012

That's Loom Knit?! Chic Retreat Cowl

LOOM PATTERN & VIDEO ALERT! Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well!

I wanted to announce to you today that my latest pattern is up on the website! It is for my Chic Retreat Cowl with a lot of visual interest and texture. There is also a LOOM ALONG VIDEO, to go along with it & help you. I'd love for you to tackle this intermediate-advanced project to learn something new and exercise your creativity knowing there is a video to aid you the whole way.

You need to be able to use a small gauge loom with ability to knit in the round 96 pegs. It was written for the All-N-One loom but you can use the Martha Stewart loom with the for corner pieces and the two longest straight pieces & small pegs in every hole.

Here is the link:

If you want to try a stitch sampler, cast on 17 stitches. Use the chart in the pattern to guide you. It will help with technique. The 17 stitches are for the chain lace part. The crossed sections won't be totally be even on crosses but you'll get the idea.

Have fun and Happy Looming!!

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Sensitivity: Put yourself into someone else's shoes

This thought weighs heavy on me today. You don't have to get married or have children to define you as living or "having a life". Life does not START when you do. It saddens me when people think others HAVE to be married to define their life. Or that they are only a FAMILY when they have kids. That is bogus.

YOU DEFINE YOUR LIFE; not someone else.

What you do with your heart & passions speak about who you are. Use caution when making your religious question of "so when are you getting married?!" Or "when are you going to have kids". That may not be their desire or it could be but life has taken them different places. Why not ask "Tell me, what do you love?..." ;). THOUGHT FOR THE DAY, nothing more.

(....just thinking of hurt friends from well meaning but ill thought-out statements or questions from people. This recently happened to a friend of mine and one earlier in the year on the kiddo end. My heart goes out to them enduring years of this.)

It's the age ole adage. Put yourself into someone else's shoes. 

What are your thoughts? Have you been hurt by comments like these? Have you unintentionally done this and hurt a friend? Maybe you or someone you know has. Comment below and tell us your stories.



Walk in someone else's shoes

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