Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rescue Loom Knitters Circle Magazine

Ohmygoodknits!  Did you hear?!  Loom Knitters Circle magazine is going to shut down again.  That makes me sad.  The next issue will come but after December it will go away again.  Be sure to show your support and buy downloads of back & current issue of this fantastic online magazine!  Maybe we can rally the troops a bit!    

Announced on their Facebook group today:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           October 18, 2012
"Dear readers,

We regret to inform you that LKC will be closing after the Winter 2012 issue. We had hoped that it would take off and that more submissions would be received. However, we have had the same few people submit every quarter. There are very few designers out there and unfortunately the magazine cannot sustain itself. The designers, columnists and the staff work almost free for each issue.

We had hoped that the sales of the magazine issues would help to pay fees and eventually increase the compensation to the designers, however, sales have not increased.

The next issue will be released at the end of this October. The last issue will be at the end of January.

Thank you for your support during our second try at the magazine" - Isela Phelps

Do you think you could help and pass the word?
I'd love to help hostthe site for back issues to remain avalable but not sure how.
I'd love to rally everyone and see what can be done but I know it needs a consistent audience to keep running an actual magazine.  Let me know if you'd be interested in the issues still being available somehow.  I've offered my help but we shall see.

Comment with your thoughts!

Happy Looming!!


LOCS of Love - A Loom Knitting movement

IDEA!!! Mission: Occupy Craft Stores

Think of how impacting our loom knitting community could be if we all ban together to promote looming! That would be an amazing thing we could all do by going to our local Craft stores and bring some of our more unique items with looms to show to workers and passers by! It can just be you bringing your project bag at first. If it expands maybe they'll let some do their own demo table. Let's call it "Looms Occupy Craft Stores"! Or LOCS for short. LOL!!! LOCS of Love!

I could put together a video to promote it and even send mailers to people to pass out or email a PDF you could print and pass with a QR code to link to a video or my learning YouTube channel.

Let me know what you think!

Also PLEASE come request to join my Facebook closed type group mainly for loom knitters (open to needle & crochet, too!). We are on there 24/7 sharing ideas and helping each other. Here is the link. By the way it is a closed group to make our posts private to the rest of Facebook. It is also a safe zone there rated PG for my younger audience and friends. No bullying allowed. I hope you'll join us!

Happy Looming!!


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