Friday, October 21, 2011

Uploaded My first Loom Pattern to ETSY and it SOLD the same day!

I'm super excited!  The new Slouchy Newsboy hat with the short brim is now on my ETSY site!  It will stay listed as one item but no worries there are plenty to go around.  I just re-list it when it sells.

I listed it in the wee hours this morning and already had the first purchase on it before lunch.  (update while writing this, I sold one more! yay!) I even emailed it out already, yay!  One thing I'm doing is including as many video technique links inside your PDF when you purchase. I hope that this helps and encourages more people to purchase my patterns. 

I would really love to make this a new career for me and be able to stay home with my children.  Selling the patterns enables me to keep my "extreme hobby" as Mikey, aka Michael Sellick at The Crochet Crowd, would tell me. It funds getting new yarn and supplies for filming, editing and producing. 

I do hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I do.  It is a super hat for a gift, too and just in time to make for the upcoming holidays! There is also a tweak included to make it less slouchy or more for a male to wear it.

Here is the pattern link! Happy Looming!! -Kristen

PATTERN Slouchy Newsboy Hat with Short Brim Visor ADULT

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