Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loom Knit K2tog YO or Knit 2 together Yarn Over

Recently a few people asked me how to loom knit the K2tog YO.  I'll have to come back and add a video when I can but for now here are written instructions HOW TO:

Ok lets visualize this.  If I am working a flat panel lets call my 1st peg, that has a Slip Stitch, our official Peg 1. The next peg (Peg 2) the pattern calls to k2tog. Take the loop off of Peg 3 and place on peg 2. Now Knit that stitch with both loops at the same time.  Do NOT simply Knit Off by lifting bottom over top!!  I mean lay your working yarn on top and create a knit stitch.  

You can do the classic knit stitch or the U knit (just a loose version of the flat) to have the same stitch look. Peg 3 will be empty so you will e-wrap it around once, with your working yarn, which makes the YO or Yarn Over.

Now continue down the row starting with peg 4 with the next stitch.

I hope that helps a bit.  Happy Looming!!


  1. Thank you! Your explanation is the best I've read!

  2. Thank you, so glad it helped! Happy Looming!-Kristen

  3. Can you explain k3tog? Am I using peg 3 and 4 on peg 2?

  4. Your instructions were very helpful. However, I do have a question: On the next round after the k2tog and yo, do you knit the yo e-wrap just as you would a knitted stitch?


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