Friday, January 17, 2014

Yarn Class 101 Yarn Lingo & estimate yardage

Yarn Slang explained (skein, ball, hank, cake), How to use a Yarn Swift and Ball Winder, and How to  calculate yards used on a knit or crochet project.

What is a skein of yarn?
What is a center pull ball?
What is an LYS?
What is a hank?
What is a yarn cake?
What is a Yarn Swift and how do I use one?
What is a Yarn Ball Winder and how to I use one?
How to figure out how much yarn I need or know how many yards are left?
How can I use a gram or postal scale to determine yards of yarn?

All these questions compacted into this class less than 15 minutes.  Sit back, watch and share.  If you like what you see please subscribe!

Happy Crafting!!

Kristen Mangus
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Patterns for sale:
Cowl-lick Knitwear a miniponcho Triangle Cowl
Chic Retreat Cowl
Striped Afghan on S loom
Slouchy Newsboy Hat (with alternate for no slouch)
Twisted Keyhole Scarflette or Scarf Double Knit (unisex all ages)
Mossy Earflap Hat (specify for infant or toddler)
Ribbed Banded Beanie with 4 point flower top (EASY)

Thank you for subscribing & watching!

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