Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Double knitting on KnittingBoard Super Afghan S loom

Hello double knitting & Knitting Board enthusiasts!  Back in the summer of 2013 I tested double knitting on the new Knitting Board Super Afghan loom (11/16" gauge and 198 pegs) and talked a little about it in my review. Many have asked how to set this up.  Here it is written out for set up. 

I suggest marking skipped pegs with a piece of tape in front, use a small stitch marker, OR paint the top tip of the peg (some people use nail polish as it comes off when needed). On the inside curves you WILL NOT skip pegs. With this method you will get double knitting for 77 pegs wide.  The gap between is rather large for gauge so be sure to use multiple strands, a bulky or super bulky yarn. The stitches you use will also determine the size of your gauge as well as usual.

See notes below. Sk1 means skip 1 peg. K3 means you will work that number of pegs after setting up but still working from front board to back board. a set means you will repeat that pattern for listed amount of times:

Skip marked starter and 4 end pegs on right (total so 3 plus starter= see photo). 
On outside edge k2 sk1 for 6 sets
Then k3 sk1
Then k2 sk1 4 sets
Then k3 sk 1
Then k2 sk 1 5 sets

Stop marking and go to opposite end. Mirror side 1 of S; after marking continue to wrap all pegs unless marked to skip. When wrapping you wrap the front peg and the one on the opposite board. No unmarked pegs should go empty. I suggest using a Bulky or Super Bulky weight only. For the Bulky it needs to be on the heavier side or you may need to double up on strands. 

Below is a photo marking all the pegs with a black permanent marker. 

I hope that helps you in your double knitting venture!

Happy Looming!
Kristen Mangus
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  1. Dear Kristen, I love your videos. Is there a way you can make a video step by step working with a S loom.. I would love to see how its done at least for a few rows. Any tips on how to hold it and knit on the inside of the S loom and also do you slip the first stitch or you Knit/Purl them. Thanks. Marina M

  2. I to would love to see a few rolls done on the S loom thank you

  3. Kristen, thank you for the visual. Something isn't "clicking" for me, I don't understand why you only knit halfway and then start on the other side,..?

  4. Is this double knit set-up for figure 8 stitch only or can you double knit other stitches with this set-up.

  5. Is this double knit set-up for figure 8 stitch only or can you double knit other stitches with this set-up.

  6. How do u cast off with the KB loom


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