Monday, June 17, 2013

Pattern - Triple Flip Scarf

Announcing the Triple Flip Scarf.

The Triple flip is a simple stitch pattern repeated until it reaches long enough to wrap around your neck 3 times and still be loose.

Loom(s): sample tested on AllnOne Knitting Board at 1 cm setting. Can use any knitting board or long loom at 3/8" gauge to 3/4" may need to adjust yarn size or number of strands to eliminate gaps. New Sock Loom 2 would be the same gauge (3/8") and smaller, less bulky loom choice for this small width pattern. The new Basic loom from KB basics kit would be nice and lightweight as well but is a slightly larger gauge (7/16").

Gauge: not important; just use an appropriate weight yarn for your loom for an ewrap stitch.

Sport or Worsted Weight. Purple Worsted weight used in sample and was heavier for cooler weather. 2 balls of Vanna's choice used in sample. White sample is Red Heart Shimmer. It was nice and light weight.

FB - Front Board
BB - Back Board
CO - Cast on
Sl - slip stitch
St - stitch(es)

Cast on 20 pegs in ewrap cast on in the following pattern
FB: EW CO 4 pegs
BB: Skip pegs 1-2. Cast on 3 pegs
FB: CO 3 pegs
BB: CO 3 pegs
FB: CO 3 pegs
BB: CO 4 pegs.

See Illustration for set up. Tech drawing courtesy of Charity Windham.

Slip 1st st of each row. EW remaining stitches. Knit till length is approximately 90" long with the working strand on the last peg (#20). Leave at least 1 yard of working strand and cut. Sample used 2 balls and ended at 500 rows of triple knit stitch (looks like 3 columns of ribs; the reverse is identical if item flips).

Bind off method options: Kitchener, Russian graft or sew.

Setup for bind off:
Leave live stitches on loom. Slide knitting needle on beginning end of panel. Fasten beginning end and live ends together using Kitchener method. Can transfer loom to needles to use needle Kitchener method or choose loom method by doing the following: use scrap yarn or cable needle to move live loom stitches to front board in order of stitches. Now place beginning end of panel on back board making sure to come up through the middle of the loom and placing all 20 stitches back on the loom onto the back board.

Use loom knitting Kitchener stitch notes as below. See video link for additional help.

An easier method is to use the Russian grafting technique with a crochet hook; it navigates back and front working each stitch. Use knitting needles of a smaller size than your loops just to hold the stitches. See end of the following video of the hexagon blanket for this technique. Start at minute 24:40.

As always in grafting there will be a half stitch jog. You can also sew your ends together with a tapestry needle and matching yarn.

Weave in tails.

Have fun playing with ways to wear your scarf. You can also stack them to look like a taller and thicker cowl as well or infinity scarf.

Happy Looming!

Kristen Mangus

P.S. This pattern was designed in 2012 by Kristen.

©2013 GoodKnit Kisses


  1. Great pattern Kristen! Love how this has so many possibilities.

  2. This is a wonderful pattern. I wanted mine a bit wider - so i'm using a total of 26 pegs.

  3. How do I stop a afghan from curling on s loom


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