Sunday, June 16, 2013

New stitches - Sisal and Seagrass

GoodKnit Kisses new Bento Box Scarf featuring new stitch patterns Sisal and Seagrass were developed April 2013. The stitches both have a cool reverse on them. The reverse doesn't match but is good looking. The stitch patterns are more universal in style and go great for masculine, feminine or neutral.

Both patterns I have been researching to see if they have ever been created before. Not finding them, I called a few yarn shops and spoke to owners who knit & teach. After describing, they said they'd never heard of that before but were excited to test. The patterns are simple to achieve and are a repeat over a multiple of 2 stiches & 2 rows. Quite simply, it is a method of bind-offs and yarn overs.

Below are the stitch patterns written out. Please feel free to use these new stitches in your own designs and projects. The photo of the Bento Box scarf shows the motif alternating between the two patterns. The intent is to have a full afghan with this design. The scarf created was using a scrap yarn from Yarn Bee. I'd suggest using a solid color in your own sample to really see how cool these look in person. Patterns will be free and coming this summer. Please watch my blog for the latest. (Sample made over 168 stitches on Knitting Board new 28" loom with peg extenders. Scarf is 55" long; knit along the width of the loom.)

Sisal stitch pattern: bind off 1 stitch then yarn over, repeat to end of the row. Next row repeat. Written: Row 1 *BO1, YO*, rep *,*
Row 2 rep Row 1 (For needles use a Purl BO method or for loom BO as usual on row 2)
Repeat Rows 1-2

[Loom Knitters remember to knit your first stitch, then knit your second stitch. Move 2nd stitch to 1st and work the stitch by taking the bottom loop over the top. Ewrap the empty peg, where the 2nd stitch was and this completes your yarn over. Repeat this method to the end of the row.].

Seagrass stitch pattern: Bind off 1 stitch then yarn over, repeat bind off and yarn over to end of row. Written:
Row 1 *BO1, YO*, rep *,*
Row 2 *K to the end of the row (needles Purl to end of the row instead).
Repeat Rows 1-2

I hope you enjoy these new stitch patterns. Please post your comments below. I'd love to see your test swatches and designs! Please post your photos to our Education Facebook Page or Google+.

Happy Knitting!
Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses
©2013 GoodKnit Kisses
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  1. Home run again!! Can't wait to get my hands on the pattern. simply gorgeous!

  2. Love it! Can't wait to use it for something. ;)

  3. Can this be done on a martha stewart loom?

  4. Shenik, I think you could. just use the right yarn for the peg gauge you use.

  5. Kristen, this would make a wonderful video for those of us that still have problems reading is sooo pretty!!

  6. Please make a video for these stitches! I could use a little help!

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