Saturday, January 12, 2013

Loom Along Baby Cocoon

Have you been wanting to make a simple baby cocoon but not sure how without a video? After far to long of putting it off I have recorded and posted a YouTube video of how to make a baby cocoon!  I've been asked for a while and finally did it.  Below you'll find the loom along video.  Grab some super bulky yarn or 3 strands of worsted and lets make a cocoon! 

in the video I make a more finished looking bind off than the regular drawstring.  If you want to make it more simple you can just put a string of yarn through all the loops on the pegs and bind it up that way.  I show how to do a gradual decrease to remove the normal bulkiness of the drawstring method.  Use this same technique for the crown of a hat made on this same loom as well! 

41 peg Knifty Knitter or 40 peg Boye Loom (Yellow 41 peg KK loom used in video)
Knitting pick
tape measure
crochet hook

Super Bulky #6 yarn (Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick used in video.  Pictures above is standard LB Homespun in the brown)
or use 3 strands of worsted weight yarn (video coming soon on pulling 3 strands at the same time from 1 ball of yarn!)

Cast on in Ewrap
Row 1: Ewrap

Repeat Row 1 till desired length achieve.  Recommend 18-20" or even 22"

Bind off:
Decreased crown bind off shown in video or standard drawstring bind off.


  1. The loose knit on this really bothers me. A baby can get its tiny fingers and toes caught in the holes. I have been making these for 3 years and I always do a close knit to avoid this happening. The first one I made I just did the simple ewrap.I don't mean to offend you. Sorry.. Karen

    1. In the video I talk about this and that its a baby photo prop. Many using it are using for a prop and therefore baby is being watched and not remaining in it. It's NOT meant to be a bunting or something they stay in. Most people where I live (Texas) can't keep kids bundled like that anyhow since its too hot. This is to be a simple pattern to build from and get someone started. Tighter stitches can be used. I'm not offended but did want to clear that up. I agree its too loose for regular use other than a PROP. :)

  2. kristen you keep doing what you do because it is a great job.can't please everyone i love your work thanks so much

  3. I made one of these with the Thick and Quick Homespun and love it, but there is not a big color selection in that line. If you use the regular Homespun do you use 2 or 3 strands?


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