Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loom Knitting Picks Side by Side Comparison

The photo above illustrates some of the most popular loom knitting picks or hooks on the market for your tool box. Some of these are included in kits found in local crafts stores or bought online only from reputable companies. I've laid them out side by side and set level at the bottom to illustrate height as well as the grips in better detail. Below, and in the photo, are the names of the companies with the name of the product. This blog is for illustration purposes only. It does not reflect my opinion or view. This is just to be used for reference. Thanks for checking it out. Feel free to pin this, share on FB or link to your own blog. Links are found by clicking the name of the company. This is not a complete list as it is ever growing. Feel free to comment if you have one I should add to the list. Again, some of these are NOT sold separate from the kits at this time.

A. Authentic Knitting Board - large ergonomic knit hook with comfort grip (sold exclusively at Jo-Ann's in stores only at this time)

B. CinDWood Crafts - pick, dental shape tool; plastic sleeve & comfort grip

C. Lion Brand Yarns Martha Stewart - loom pick, soft grip but short metal

D. Boye Knifty Knitter - loom hook

E. Authentic Knitting Board - cushioned sock loom hook

F. Authentic Knitting Board - knit hook

G. Markman Farm - loom knitting tool

H. Boye - loom hook with flat thumb grip

Happy Looming!!
Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses.

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  1. I haven't tried out the larger of the loom picks but am really happy with the way the pick from CinDwood Crafts grabs up the yarn so easily!! That's the one that I use with my projects now :-) Thanks for the comparison Kristen you rock!!

  2. I like the big round ones because i had a stroke
    adn can use the hook much easier the bigger it is
    and the a looks like the right size.

  3. So far I've only used the one that came in my kit. I want to try some other hooks. Maybe bigger and/or more padded.

  4. Mine is not pictured here - the ergonomic one from the Provocraft loom and crochet hook set.


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