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Picot Bonnet free loom knit pattern

Picot Bonnet

By Kristen Mangus at GoodKnit Kisses

May 27, 2013

Loom(s): KnittingBoard Basics Loom for preemie size 11/16" guage (AllNOne or Sock Loom 2 as alternate for newborn size - 3/8" gauge)

Yarn: Worsted weight. Lion Brand Unforgettable color Petunia used in sample.

Adjustable cast on flat panel 32 peg (54) Video here:

Flat knit 3 rows (6)
Fig-8  12 (20) rows
K2, p2 rep 6 (15) rows
Picot bind off*
**Cable CO 2, BO 4 (** rep between **,** til one st left on loom, cut tail and pull through)
Weave in tail

Pull drawstring at cast-on, leaving an opening eyelet, and tie off with a knot. Weave in tail.

Make 1 tie off cord. Chain 40 (40 to desire length). Before pulling through last loop place crochet hook on between 1st and second stitch between last figure 8 row and ribbing rows. Slip stitch through and pull through to knot. Tie on one more knot to secure. Weave in tail into bonnet. Weave in tail at beginning of cord. Repeat to make a second cord on opposite side.

ALTERNATE Pattern (Derivative work):

Picot Hat or Slouchy (With our without picot)
Cast on in stitch count above (or desired size) but connect in the round in drawstring cast on.  Continue knitting pattern above in the round until desired length.  Bind off as above for picot edge or use stretchy bind off. Enjoy!

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  1. I have not been able to find the Pattern to make the String Bag....
    Please post it again or post the site address so I can click on it.

    Thank you


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