Friday, February 17, 2012

New Jingle for GoodKnitKisses videos!

Music change! So if anyone noticed I changed my video music on my latest video in making a Cowl for Lion Brand Yarns on the Martha Stewart Loom. I cannot go back and change my old videos to this, unless I upload again, but I recently found out the music was associated with a terribly explicit song! DON'T ask me to tell you. It is shocking, embarrassing & really had me upset.

The jingle was originally written & approved for free use for Apple iMovie years ago but this "artist" put it in his music later and it's now registered so YouTube analyzed and flagged it. (The jingle in iMovie was named Buddy). My video was flagged for explicit lyrics, since I started to put the whole song in this time, can you believe?!! won't be hearing my old jingle anymore. It is a shame since I really liked it. But now, although I can legally use it and fight to win, I cannot get those awful lyrics out of my head. They do not represent me or GoodKnit Kisses. Thanks for reading!! -Kristen

Tell me your thoughts in comments below! Do you think I should have kept them? Do you like the new jingle?


  1. Wow.. Now I am curious what the lyrics were lol. I have some of your videos downloaded.. may have to go back and listen LOL.

    Oh btw. I was looking on amazon for lullabys.. Found 1 called "greek Lullaby" being greek it caught my attention.. it had it marked "explict"! Now.. I HAD to listen.. .there were NO LYRICS!! ha so funny. and dumb at the same time lol. Just had to share <3

  2. If you think the lyrics were offensive, then you did the right thing :)

  3. Misty C they were raunchy in nature. The jingle I used didn't have vocals as it was the original from many years ago. I can tell you this other person must have taken that and recorded vocals over it an put on his CD. His whole CD is nasty and offensive.

  4. Satan is always at work! I think you did the right thing.

  5. I'm thrilled with your tute's and love the fact that you are an honest person. Who would have known!

    Kim ♥

  6. I have heard that same jingle in a commercial for the USPS. It's a small business owner commercial to encourage folks to buy their own postal scale. I wonder if they know the origins of that song...

  7. Sorry that it was so upsetting to you, I know you work very hard at what you do!! I think you did the right thing too and I love the new Jingle!!


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