Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Challenge: Build my own website

Step 1: Purchase the site GoodKnitKisses.com
Step 2: Get someone to host it. DONE!
Step 3: Get to the REAL work.

So I'm fairly new to this but I'm open for the challenge. Pushing past some terrible falls in the past I'm determined that I'm smart enough to do this. I just have to not give up as I have in the past. My goal is the have a site that will function as database central for my tutorials on YouTube, a special spot for my knit & jewelry items, a resting spot for this blog and a few pages for patterns, reference materials and photos.

I can do this. I know it may be slower than I hope but if I'm patient the reward will be great! Pray for me and wish me the best please! :-)



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My name is Kristen. I’m an Interior Designer & knitwear designer as well as a YouTube Tutorial filmmaker & Video Host for crafts, knitting and more. My Loom Knitting tutorials are great for Knitters (or any crafter) who wanna try their hand and want to know how to convert their stitches over to the loom. Many do it to ease their hands/carpel tunnel or work faster. It’s definitely a growing trend for traditional knitters to take up or people who love crafting with yarn! My site is GoodKnitKisses or YOUTUBE. I also write and sell my own loom patterns on my ETSY shop and on Vivaloom.com  I look forward to meeting new people and sharing the love of fiber arts :-) -Kristen